Thursday, January 3, 2008

Section One: The Universe is Abundant, page 147

There’s more than enough love to go around. We don’t have to feel guilty if we’re happy and others are not. And we certainly shouldn’t make ourselves miserable because other are. Don’t worry, be happy, and spread the love. God’s love is infinite.

page 148

God can change the world. And we can help him by changing ourselves.

page 149

Everybody has a use, a place in the Grand Man of Heaven.

page 150

You cannot creat other people’s lives for them.
That is charity. That is serving others.
Pray for the world, change yourself, and do good useful things.

page 151

Look to the good in the world, and others around you, and by the law of attraction, that’s what will increase.
God Bless You! Say this more often.
More often we say to ourselves about others: “God, please help them see that they’re wrong.”
That is a negative feeling that will only attract more of the same.

page 152

Love your enemies, bless those who curse you.. etc.”
This is how to change or help the world.
Thank people and praise them for their unique perspective.

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