Thursday, January 3, 2008

Section Two: The Powerful Process of Visualization, page 81

“If a person has his eye on good as that end, he catches sight of what comes out of it, that is, he has a perception of the things that originate in it - a perception that by no means exists unless good is kept as the end in view, that is, unless this end reigns without exception in every single things.” (AC 5949)

“How can one advance towards an end or chase after a goal and so win a prize, unless there is some end or goal where the prize may be won?” (TCR 730)

“The end in view controls every single thing a person thinks or does.” (AC 1317)

Visualization is a form of prayer.

page 82

THe Lord wants us to leave our mark on the world. To leave the world better than when we came into it. So visualize what that might look like.
If you think “I’m not good enough to make the world a better place.” You’re essentially saying, “I don’t have faith in God,”
You’re saying “God goofed when He made me, I don’t have a purpose.” What an insult to God!
But ... “With God nothing is impossible.”

page 83

The Spiritual World is more real than this world! (AC 3485)

page 84

Beware of hypocricy: Saying one thing, but feeling a different way.

page 85

Don’t worry about what you will wear... The Lord will take care of you.
You don’t have to know HOW, just know that He WILL.

The Bible tells the story about a Roman Officer whose servant was sick. When Jesus said He would come and heal him, the Roman Officer said, No, just say the word, and I know he will be healed. And Jesus was amazed at his faith. (Matt. 8:5-13)

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